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Orsola Mainardis Jewelry – An exceptional selection of luxury accessories

Orsola Maindardis showroom
Orsola Mainardis showroom – photo by Orsola Mainardis

A visit to Orsola Mainardis’ showroom is a real hidden treasure in Venice. Located in the Dorsoduro district, away from the mass, Orsola welcomes you at her atelier in a sophisticated Venetian home, full of details and with a beautiful, unexpected, walled garden.

While enjoying a welcome drink, Orsola explains how her passion was born, how her jewels are made and where her inspiration comes from.

All the jewelry that Orsola creates are unique and one of a kind pieces, made with love and patience by expert hands.  The experience led her to combine traditional and modern working methods experimenting with unusual combinations of materials creating besides necklaces, earrings and bracelets, also beautiful handbags, diaries and handmade sandals embellished with pearls and precious fabrics. Orsola’s creations are synonymous to extrovert luxury but in a relaxed way.

Orsola Mainardis collection
photo by Orsola Mainardis

A visit to Orsola Mainardis’ showroom is really a visit to a small art exhibition in a Venetian house, an elegant and very suggestive experience.

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Visit to the Gold-beater workshop in Venice

Venice goldbeater workshopThe art of gold-beating, an ancient artisan craft that in Venice still exists!

In the beautiful setting of what was once the famous painter Tiziano’s Palace, hidden away in the Sestiere of Cannaregio, “Mario Berta Battiloro” is the last gold-beater workshop in Venice.  In the small workshop Marino, together with his wife Sabrina and their 2 daughters Eleonora and Sara, continue still today the art pursued by the family since 1926 and handed down from generation to generation.

Gold, silver and other precious metals are turned into wafer-thin sheets that are used for applications in a wide range of sectors.

Think of Artistic decorations: you will find gold leaves used in mosaics, beautiful artistic creations of Murano glass, but also applied on furniture and wooden sculptures.

Or also Cosmetics: recent research has shown that gold boasts significant anti-age properties and gold is also used as body decoration on nails, lips and eyelids.

And why not, Gastronomy: just imagine the aesthetic effect of unrivaled beauty when gold is used by chefs and barmen as a finishing touch on their culinary creations, of course certified as an edible food decoration.

You can enjoy a 40 minute tour of the Gold-beater workshop, only upon reservation, and discover the various stages of production that transforms the gold bar into sheets so thin that you can move them with a blow of your breath.

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